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Dual Oil Sensor Adapter Kit - WR Edition

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Your Price: $87.63
Part Number: 10060
WR Edition Dual Oil Sensor Adapter

Check out this product that we came up with after trying to figure out how to easily install oil pressure / oil temperature gauges on our engines. Just remove your oil filter and the bolt that holds it on. Add our adapter and spin it to any angle you need to clear the sensors, then tighten it down and install the oil filter. There are some oil filters that may not fit this adapter, but we know that the KN-204 fits.

Comes with:
  • Billet Adapter
  • Through Bolt
  • O-Ring
  • 1x Plug (if you are only installing 1 sensor)
Threads on the adapter are standard 1/8" NPT. 
  • Use thread sealer on the oil sensor threads (not included)
  • Torque through bolt to 45 ft/lbs
This kit is very universal and will fit pretty much all SxS vehicles with a spin on oil filter like the KN-204 / KN-198 / KN-303

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