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YXZ1000R Billet Steering Rack Assembly - WR Edition

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Part Number: YXZ1000R Billet Steering Rack

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YXZ1000R Billet Steering Rack Assembly - WR Edition 

This WR Edition Billet Steering Rack Assembly is a direct bolt-in stock replacement for your Yamaha YXZ1000R (all models), and offers a combination of extreme durability as well as an integrated steering ratio reduction (2 options), which eliminates the need for any in-line or aftermarket steering quickeners and offers superior steering performance.  

We upgraded every part of the YXZ steering rack, sparing no expense to ensure the strongest replacement rack possible - from the beefy, square style rack rod (stronger than round), the custom, precision cut gears, to the anodized billet aluminum housing.  This rack includes a recessed grease zerk for easy maintenance, and to ensure smooth operation at all times.  

The WR Edition Billet Steering Rack is a must-have for anyone who needs reliability combined with steering performance, and will be a hit with aggressive drivers, racers, duners, and anyone who has modified suspension, larger tires and/or heavy duty tie-rods.  

  • 3X stronger than stock
  • Direct bolt in replacement rack
  • Black anodized finish w/ WR logo
  • 2 different ratios to choose from (2:1 and 1.1:1)

Which ratio is right for you?
  • 1.1:1 (close to stock ratio - good for desert, dunes, rock crawling, slow trails, and long races w/very twisty courses)
  • 2:1 (fast steering, very sensitive - good for short course racing, fast trails, WORCS, MX) 
***Due to the effort required to turn the quicker ratio we recommend our power box upgrade WR1042 or Pro Power Steering upgrade WR1048***

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