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Tinkseal Lubricant 4 oz.
Tinkseal Lubricant 4 oz.

Tinkseal Lubricant 4 oz.

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Tinkseal Lubricant
Part Number: 11032
Tinkseal Lubricant 4 oz.

TinkSeal was originally designed to lubricate between rubber/plastic surfaces and metal. Most lubricants simply cannot do this and will actually soften or dissolve some plastics. Lubricants typically allow two metal surfaces to float upon a thin layer of lubricant oil. TinkSeal is different in that the base oil is only a carrier for the Nano lubricants and atomized particles. The carrier allows the Nano particles to be embedded in the mating surfaces and lower the friction between them. Therefor when the grease eventually disappears, the Nano particles continue to lubricate the joining surfaces. The metal becomes a “treated surface” instead of a lubricated one.

·        Plastic, Rubber and Viton Safe
·        Non-drying formula, Constant Lubrication
·        Low viscosity, high penetration
·        Very low wash out performance
·        Great on sliding parts, bushings and bearings

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