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Power Steering High Output Upgrade Box - WR Edition

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Your Price: $300.00
WR Edition Power Steering Upgrade Box
Part Number: 10092
WR Edition Power Steering Upgrade Box. This is geared towards the drivers that are doing our 2:1 / 1.25:1 steering racks and find that the stock power steering unit cannot keep up with the reduced ratio gearing (steering gets jerky, "geeks out", or just fails entirely).  This power box will mount under the hood and replace your stock power box. It will need to be soldered in and comes with basic instructions. Qualified technician install recommended. Mounting bolts are not supplied. We use (qty. 2) 1/4" x 1" long bolt with nyloc nut and washer. This power box is not recommended for drivers with stock ratio steering boxes. 

This power steering box was developed for our personal race program and we are offering it due to many requests for help. It is something that we have been using on our short course cars with 2:1 ratio steering racks and our desert cars with 1.25:1 steering racks. We have had success with it and it is a good option to boost your power steering without having to upgrade the whole power steering motor unit. We haven't had any issues with giving the stock motor unit the more power, but it is something to consider when purchasing this box and we haven't tested it in all situations. We have no warranty on this box and are not responsible if it causes any damage to any of your components.

***This power box is not speed sensitive like the factory box. It will give the power steering motor full power all the time. That may cause high speed to be un-stable. Install and use at your own risk.***