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Polaris RZR 800 Power Commander 5

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Power Commander PC5 Fuel / Ignition Control Unit - RZR, RZR S, RZR 4
Part Number: 19-01

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Polaris RZR 800 Power Commander 5
  • controls fuel injection system
  • controls ignition system
  • auto tune 1 channel or 2 channel ready
  • lcd logging, display ready
  • many maps to download

2008-2010 map downloads:

Map #Map Description
  M19-003-000Zero map
  M19-003-001Stock exhaust, Stock air filter
  M19-003-002FMF slip-on exhaust, K&N air box
  M19-003-003S&S full exhaust, EHS intake kit
  M19-003-004Looney tune full exhaust, Intake snorkel kit
  M19-003-005Muzzy full exhaust, Stock air box, K&N air filter
  M19-003-006Two Brothers triple full exhaust Stock air box
  M19-003-ALLAll Maps

2011-2012 map downloads:

Map #Map Description
  M19-011-000Zero Map
  M19-011-001Stock exhaust Stock air filter
  M19-011-002Two Brothers triple exhaust Stock air filter
  M19-011-ALLAll Maps

Note: Available maps and their reference number for this model are listed below. Once you have located the map you need note the file number. Now, you need to click the link button on the left to download all of the files for this bike. Once you click on the link choose “run” (you may have to click  run" two times). When you open your Control Center software all of the listed files will now be shown.