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H-Style SFI Approved 5 Point Race Harness Black 3" - No Padding

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Your Price: $139.99
Race Harness
Part Number: 14-0804
When Dragonfire asked us what our perfect racing harness would be like, we took features we liked from every race harness we had ever used and combined them into one harness.  THIS is that harness!  All harnesses are not equal, and you can't find a harness that has these features and quality at this price point anywhere else.  

  • FI Approved race harness restraint with 3" wide straps
  • 5-Point SFI certified harness spec 16.1
  • No padding on shoulder straps which is ideal for "HANS device" & other safety equipment
  • EZ adjust hardware on shoulder straps for smooth and easy adjustability
  • Reverse pull lap belts for ease of use when strapping into cockpit
  • Rolled shoulder strap ends to easily find straps with gloves & helmet
  • Blacked out hardware with anti-corrosion coating
  • 5-Point harness with sub-belt included
  • Recommended for racing applications
  • Don't forget your DragonFire Override Clip and Mounting options to complete installation
  • Harnesses are sold individually (i.e. quantity 1 will outfit 1 seat)

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