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Build Your Own WR Edition YXZ1000R Short Course Car

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Our Weller Racing built YXZ's that are winning races and earning podiums all over the country are truly easy to build, and we have now made it just as easy for the consumer to build their own short-course YXZ by offering all of the same parts we use here on our website.   Truly a "bolt on" class, these are all of the modifications we do to the YXZ to make it competitive and legal in the Production 1000 class in LOORRS, TORC, Lucas Oil Regionals, and many other short-course series.  We developed this page to make it easy for you to purchase all (or some) of the parts you are looking for to turn your YXZ into a short-course winning vehicle!  If you have any questions or need parts in a hurry and want to check stock, please call us at 480-507-4771.  

***Due to the way the parts were created in our online shopping cart, the shipping calculator may be off. If your shipping cost will be more than what your online cart charged, we may give you a call for the difference if necessary***

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