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Boondocker Complete Turbo System - Polaris XP 1000

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Boondocker Complete Turbo System - Polaris XP 1000

BoonDocker Turbo Systems are designed, built and tested with the highest in reliability, quality and performance in mind. All of these factors were carefully thought through while developing a XP 1000 Turbo System that will work for everyone.

Your RZR XP 1000 Turbo System was designed to fit under all the stock plastics to retain bed space and allow for aftermarket add ons. This turbo system exhausts through the stock muffler and makes your BD Turbo a quiet comfortable sleeper, but if you want to be noticed just add any aftermarket muffler.

This high quality turbo system starts at the engine with a stainless steel header, fitted to Garrett GT2860 turbo charger or optional high performance GTX2860 Billet Compressor turbo charger. Exiting the turbo is the massive high flow stainless steel exhaust fitted with a pre-welded Air/Fuel gauge bung then meeting the stock muffler or aftermarket slip on. The turbo is fed fresh air through the factory air intake allowing for easy service and maintenance. Charge air is cooled using our standalone water to air intercooler which includes a front mount radiator for maximum cooling. Water is then pumped through a specifically designed intercooler that feeds the optimal sized charge air box fitted with dual auxiliary injectors.

An adjustable clutching kit is included to efficiently put the power to the ground. Controlling this high tech turbo system is the pre-tuned BoonDocker fuel and boost Control Box with push to pass button connector.

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