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Axia Alloys Steering Column GPS Mount

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Axia Alloys Steering Column GPS Mount

The Axia Alloys Steering Column GPS mount can be uses with any of our universal ipod and gps mounts. There are threads on the front face of this unit to allow you to disassemble cage / suction cup mount that came with your gps and bolt it to this mount. Works great to have the GPS mounted directly in front of you to reduce glare. YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE ONE OF OUR SURFACE MOUNT IPOD OR GPS MOUNTS AS WELL IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT UNIVERSAL WITH THE BAND (see some of the pics) Note* Fits Yamaha Rhino & Polaris RZR & some Sandrails ONLY Rhino and RZR use a 1.5” clamp to mount to the steering column - See more at: http://axiaalloys.com/Ipod-Mounts/Billet-Universal-Steering-Column-Mount-for-GPS-Satin-Clear-Black#sthash.6Se5kuxY.dpuf

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