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(45/15) Performance Gear Kit by Tubeworks - Yamaha YXZ1000R

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(45/15) Performance Gear Kit by Tubeworks - Yamaha YXZ1000R

Tubeworks 15% reduction kit gives you the power you need while retaining the high MPH the YXZ is known for.  By reducing 1st gear by 23% this kit adds 45% more torque to the tires, which can get you and your vehicle out of those sticky situations with confidence and ease.  With the 15% 2nd thru 5th close ratio gear reduction, a 31? tire will have the same acceleration as the stock 27? tire.  This kit requires no machining and can be dropped right into your transmission. This is a very popular option for forced induction cars. (Sand or Desert)


  • Improves low speed operation for ease in loading on trailers and for sticky situations
  • Drop in kit requires no machining or case modification
  • Allows for bigger tires without losing acceleration


  • 1st Gear kit (23% Reduction of 1st gear)
  • 15% Drop Gear Kit (15% Reduction drop set for 2nd-5th gear)
  • Wey Clutch Mod Kit
  • External Oil Line Kit
  • Reusable Clutch Cover Gasket
**Sport Shift Models will require the use of the Gear Shift Control Module - Part Number : 3020000**

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